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Moodboard – The Romantics

Margot&Me | Moodboard - The Romantics

I have a confession to make: I lately became a bit obsessed with Pinterest. It’s such a wonderful daily distraction where you can discover so many beautiful things. It’s an endless source of inspiration for me. On the other hand it made me realize that I stopped making actual physical moodboards in the last year. I preferred to browse to Pinterest several times a day, pinning images to my boards. From time to time I felt the urge to print out large bulk of images. Some of them I put randomly on my board at my studio, but mostly they were just lying around in stacks, rediscovered months later, when my small studio space became so messy,  I started to reorganize everything.

But in the past few weeks I realized I really missed making moodboards whether in my sketchbook or on my wall. It always seemed to be such an essential part of my working process. So I sat down with a stack of old magazines and started tearing them apart while making very old-school collages with glue and scissors. It was really fun and also very calming to do something with my own two hands instead of starring at the computer screen.

To keep this new/old habit, I like to start a new monthly series where I will share pictures and photos with you, which are currently inspiring me. Even if have to arrange them on the screen for you.
The March Moodboard is full of Boho Wedding Inspirations, as I’m still working on my very first bridal collection. For more inspirational images feel free to follow my boards on Pinterest.

1. Cornelis van Spaendonck – Still Life with Flowers, 1789 // 2. Ell&Cee Bride  // 3. Menu Teller New Norm // 4. Dry Flowers // 5. Paloma Wool // 6. Kinfolk Magazine – Parker Fitzgerald & Amy Merrick // 7. Netherlands Country Wedding // 8. Boho Bride // 9. Unknown Source // 10. Spirit of Avalon // 11. Hannah Lemholt // 12. La Mort d’Albine Pt.2 // 13. Spirit of Avalon

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