Margot&Me - A new beginning

A New Beginning

Margot&Me - A new beginning

Welcome everyone to my new Website! After weeks of planning, mind changing and nervous breakdowns, I’m super happy the relaunch of my website is finally done. True to my new motto for 2015: Stop dreaming, start making! After a crazy 2014 with ups and downs and the upcoming 5th anniversary of Margot&Me later this year, I felt it was time for some change and a fresh start.

Therefore I also created this new space. I know I’m really late to this party and it gave me a lot of headaches. Actually I was thinking to create a blog for Margot&Me for ages, literally. Will I have time for it? What do I like to share over here? Is this really necessary? Aren’t there enough other projects to work on? Honestly: I don’t know! I run my small company mostly by my own and time is always running by. But I think it’s time for a new challenge and I’m really excited about this new step and looking forward to share with you some of my thoughts and inspirations over the year. I have so many new ideas and can’t wait to start working again.

So if you like to follow me along and be a part of this journey, it would make me really happy. I’ll hope to see you around!

Best, Jessi*

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Hi I’m Jessie. I’m running my one-woman family business called MARGOT & ME since 2010. I have a big love for bold colors, patterns and everything wooly. I’m also a huge fan of writing lists, doing yoga and daydreaming while sipping my daily morning coffee. To learn more about MARGOT & ME check out our About page.

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